RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association


The Association holds regular Monthly Luncheons. The purpose is to provide a low cost, informal meeting at which members and friends can enjoy themselves and talk on whatever subject they desire; amongst those who will understand!

The venue is not fixed. The criterion used for selection is that it is relatively central, easily accessed by Public Transport, has a good selection of meals and drinks at reasonable prices and has a dining area where we can all assemble without hassle.

Currently, the monthly luncheons are held at the Mail Exchange Hotel, corner of Bourke and Spencer Streets, Melbourne. Specific information about each luncheon arrangements are available via the RAAFVVA Blog.

Formal bookings aren’t required but Rick Holmes (our erstwhile Secretary) needs to know if you are intending to attend so that he can book sufficient tables.

Why not give it a try? Those who have enjoyed the day and most have returned again and again! It is a great way to relax and stay in contact.


With the introduction of the RAAFVVA Blog, information about the Monthly Luncheons are now be detailed in that forum. Details will be included under Social Events which is accessible via the pull-down menu, Blog Categories on the right of the blog page.