RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association



Committee Meetings

The RAAFVVA Committee meets monthly in the “Point Cook Room” at the RAAF Association (Vic) complex at 24 Camberwell Road, East Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122 (telephone 03 9813 4600).

Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, commencing at 1800 hours. RAAFVVA members are encouraged to attend these meetings as observers.

At least one monthly meeting each year – generally over a weekend – is held at a regional locality where at least one member resides…

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is traditionally held on a Sunday in February each year at the RAAF Association complex, commencing at 1400 hours. The meeting is completed in time to permit attending members to participate in a social reunion for the remainder of the afternoon.

The RAAFVVA is affiliated with the RAAF Association. Members are therefore welcome to visit and use the RAAF Association complex, which includes a reading room, library and small museum, whenever they are in the vicinity.