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Privacy Policy

The RAAFVVA does not collect any information about individual visitors to our web site for any reason. If a visitor elects to share their email address or other personal particulars with the Webmaster or any of the RAAFVVA Officers in any manner, that information will not be shared with any other organization or individual without specific prior approval.

Terms of Use

The cost associated with the domain name (raafvva.org.au) is borne by the Association. The server space for the RAAFVVA website is borne by a single individual, as do the time and resources required to develop, maintain and manage the site.

If, for any reason, the “owner” of the server space should decide not to continue with the project, the site will be made available, in its entirety, to the RAAFVVA committee for the time being.

Copyright Policy

The content of this website is, unless otherwise clearly indicated, the intellectual property of the RAAFVVA. Although such articles/photographs/poetry etc. may be freely used under the “fair use” provisions of International Copyright Laws, common courtesy and decency requires that approval for such usage be obtained from RAAFVVA prior to use.

Articles/photographs/poetry etc., which are clearly marked as the property of an individual or individuals, require written approval from the copyright holder prior to being used for any purpose, particularly if is to be published by any means (written/electronic/spoken etc.).

The RAAFVVA webmaster and/or his/her surrogate/representative make every reasonable effort to determine the copyright holder’s name for all writings, graphics and content used, and to give proper credit thereto. If any viewer, reader, or contributor becomes aware of any copyright material on the RAAFVVA website for which proper credit is not given, please contact the webmaster and that matter will be corrected in a timely manner.

The website, “What is Copyright Protection?” is a useful resource that provides a general overview and information regarding Copyright and how it affects the individual writer/poet, the responsibilities and limitation of a user, and the legal rights of a Copyright holder.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
RAAFVVA Webmaster