RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association

Australian Flying Corps Memorial: RAAF Base Point Cook
28 March 2010

President RAAF Association (Victorian Division)

Peter Colliver: President RAAF Association (Victorian Division)
Peter Colliver

Official Guests:
AIRCDRE Ken Watson: Representing CAF
The Honourable Tony Lupton: Representing Premier Victoria
AVM Alan Reed: AO Keynote Speaker – Vietnam USAF F4s
AVM E M (Mac) Weller AM: Patron RAAFVVA
AVM Hans Roser: Vietnam USAF F4sC
MAJGEN Peter Haddad AO: Chairman, Victorian Veterans’ Council
Mr Bob Elworthy: State President VVAA
Reverend George Ashworth OAM: Officiating Chaplain/RAAFVVA Padre
Mr Lee Scully: President RAAFVVA
GPCAPT Mac Cottrell DFC: Representing FAC Assoc.
WGCDR (Retd) Graeme Chalmers: National President 9 Sqn Assoc
WGCDR (Retd) Dave Grierson: RTFV/35Sqn Association
SQNLDR (Ret'd) Graham Henry: State President 2Sqn Assoc
Mr Viet Long Nguyen: President Vietnamese Veterans
Ms Be Ha President: Vietnamese Assoc Vic
Mr John Geary: Representing Deputy Commissioner DVA
Mr Mike Downs: Vice President (Vic) 9 Sqn Assoc
Mr David Moles: Vice President (TAS) 9 Sqn Assoc
Mr A (Tony) Pahl OAM: Vice President (S.A.) 9 Sqn Assoc
Mr John Sambrooks: Secretary/Treasurer TSF/35Sqn
RAAFA Board Members
Branch Representatives

We are here today to dedicate a plaque in recognition of RAAF service in Vietnam and the reason that we are doing that is because the Air Force Association cares! The Association exists for four equally important and concurrent reasons:

  • To commemorate significant events in Air Force history
  • To Support the dependants of those who have died in service
  • To support those who have served in whatever way is necessary, and
  • To support those still serving and the Air Force, itself, in any way that we can
Things do not always happen as quickly as perhaps they should.

It took 28 years after WWI for the Australian Flying Corps Memorial to be erected here at Point Cook and it took 28 years after WWII before a plaque recognising that War and “subsequent wars” was added to the Memorial.

It was 30 plus years after the event before a plaque commemorating the Korean War was installed here, and here we are, today, 35 years after the event, to recognize those who served our country in Vietnam.

We may sometimes not be able to do things as quickly as we would like, but we do care.

Thank you for being here today for this important ceremony and welcome. We hope that at the conclusion of the ceremony you will be able to join us in the Officers’ Mess for lunch and to celebrate the Air Force’s 89th anniversary of formation.